Nakayama Clinic



Welcome to our homepage

I am Dr Nakayama Tomoharu.


(Born in Malaysia , 1953.)


I graduated from the Kyushu 

University of Medicine in

1980,and specialized in

General and Pedriatic 

Surgery. I also spent a few

years doing emergency

medicine. Because of

these past experiences , now in my clinic I am

comfortable to take care of patients in a

very wide field, as stated below.

I am also registered with the Japanese

Ministry of Health in their list of hospitals

catering for foreigners in Japan. I speak 4

languages , namely, Japanese , English , Cantonese and

Malay. My motto is:



                "  A doctor in need is a doctor indeed "


                  Please feel free and don't hesitate to

           give me a call if you have a problem.   


                            Nakayama Tomoharu MD



Medical Treatment available


1. Internal Medicine (general)


 2. Minor Surgery…warts, ingrown toe

         nail, removal of thrombi in piles, trauma and      wounds


 3. Pediatrics and vaccinations


 4. Gastrointestinal Medicine


 5. Anorectal problems…hemorrhoids, fistula


 6. Chronic pain of back , knees and shoulder


 7. High concentration intravenous vitamin C  therapy



Visiting hours

 Mon,Tues,Wed &Fri - 9:00-12:30 and 16:30-19:30

 Sat  - 9:00-12:3


 Closed on Thursdays,Sundays and Public Holidays.

Location and Access

Address       : 1-251 8 Chome, Kitaitami, Itami City,

                       Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

                         Post code 664-0831

Telephone   : 072-775-5777


Fax          : 072-775-5778

Mail address: 


Homepage   :

Access         :5 mins walk from Kitaitami

                   Station of JR Takarazuka Line .

               Or take  a bus number 56 from the 

               Hankyu Kawanishinoseguchi Station

               getting off at the  Kitamura bus stop.

Parking      : you can use any of the 17 parking lots

                we have, 10 lots in front our clinic and

                7 lots below the mansion's  patio besides

                our clinic . 


Facilities and Tests available in


          our clinic

1.  General blood tests and urine tests

2.  X-ray

3.  ECG

4.  Gastrofiber scope

5.  Protoscopy and Anoscopy

6.  Ultrasound(Echo Camera)

7.  Bone Density

8.  Audiogram for hearing

9.  Pulse Wave Velocity(PWV)for chronic artery

      insufficiency of the lower limbs



Photo Gallery of our clinic